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Recently, olefin metathesis reaction employing metallic carbene complex as a catalyst is attracting a high degree of attention. Metathesis is referred to as a .Перевод контекст "metathesis reactions" c английский на немецкий от Reverso Context: New catalyst systems and their application for metathesis reactions.Highly stereoselective metathesis reactions between optically active silyl compounds and copper(I) salts in 1,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone (DMI) are reported.Метатезис олефинов — химическая реакция, в процессе которой при двойных связях . “"The metathesis reactions: from a historical perspective to recent .English: simple mechanism for olefin metathesis reactions.US8067623B2 * 2006-07-12 2011-11-29 Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. Ring opening cross-metathesis reaction of cyclic olefins with seed oils and the like.Reactions in aqueous solutions metathesis reactions and net ionic Chegg LARGE SCALE Olefin metathesis is key in the production of linear olefins at the .Catalyst for obtaining acrylic acid ethers according to a metathesis reaction of dialkylmaleates (variants)and a catalytic composition based thereon . Removing Ruthenium Residues from Olefin Metathesis Reaction Products.14-1 Reactions Involving Gain or Loss of Ligands Addition or dissociation vs oxidative addition or reductive elimination.

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